I have posted some excerpts here from my latest writing project, the horse language course, over the last couple of months. Those posts were well-received, so I can’t imagine any of you readers of my articles not finding the course helpful… so why not sign up? The end of tomorrow is the deadline, as the course starts on January 1.

To qualify for this first discounted intake, you have to be willing to do a few things for me:

1. Give me feedback. When something doesn’t make sense, doesn’t work, even if you just notice a typo, send me an email. I want to fix any issues, big or little.

3. Keep track of how much time you spend working on the course each week. My current estimate is 4-8 hours per week, with 6 weeks of material and 8 weeks to complete it in. I need help to see if those expectations need adjusting for the next intake.

2. Write a review at the end of the course, either emailing it to me or posting it on my Facebook page.

If you think you can do those three things, send me an email through the form below to claim your spot. I’ll email back to confirm if there is room. Then you can send an eTransfer. When I receive the payment in full ($150+GST only for the first intake, then it will be $200+GST), you will receive confirmation from me and will get the welcome email with your password to the course automatically on January 1.

Looking forward to seeing you inside!

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