Enrolment is now open for next course starting March 19, 2023!

For less than the cost of a few riding lessons (heels down! Forward—MORE forward!) you can learn to understand what your horse has been trying to tell you since you bought him. Wouldn’t you like to know?

Horses communicate via their behaviour. This ismore than a ‘ears-forward-mean-he’s-happy-and-ears-back-mean-he’s-angry’ kind of course. This isan ethology course, with current horse behaviour research translated into everyday English.

Topics covered

  • How horses communicate with other horses versus with people (hint: it’s different)
  • The equine ethogram
  • Ridden and non-ridden horse behaviour (ethology!)
  • Pain behaviour
  • Confusion behaviour
  • Trained behaviour

Learning Delivery

  • Read articles backed up by current research
  • Videos from researchers explaining their research
  • Watch videos with me and my horse demonstrating
  • Helpful apps
  • Try hands-on assignments and activities
  • Constant access to me for questions and discussions
  • 6 weeks worth of learning material, 8 weeks to complete the course
  • Final quiz to test your learning


$200+GST, and about 5 hours per week of your time over 8 weeks