Do you fight with your horse?

Have you been hurt by a horse?

Do you avoid riding because it isn’t fun anymore?

Have your competition scores plummeted?

Has your horse learned bad habits?

Do you want to understand how horses think?

Are you struggling to advance?

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Horse training is not a magical process; it is a systematic science.


—The Truth About Horses, Andrew McLean (2003)

You Love Horses.

But everyone has their own method of riding and training. Which way is best?

Everyone has a tale of a difficult or uncontrollable horse. Using the science of horse behaviour to resolve the confusion of horse and rider together, I restore the pleasure that horse riding should bring you.


Get clear instruction and training from me.
Understand what your horse needs from you.
Grow a winning relationship with horses.

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Happy Clients

I was having trouble with the tie stall. It was so scary and I didn’t know what to do. Now I know what is expected of me, and I am happy to do it!


I was worried about everything. Now I understand what the lesson stable needs me to do to give their students a good ride. I love my job.

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