Training to help you enjoy horses.

Teaching you to get horses to do what you want them to.

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Do you…

…know of a badly behaved horse?

…want to understand how horses learn?

…believe some people are just natural ‘horsewhisperers’?

Horse Training

…want to enjoy communication with horses?

…avoid riding because it isn’t fun anymore?

…think trainers shouldn’t be the only ones who understand horses?

Horsemanship Lessons

Horse training is not a magical process; it is a systematic science.


—The Truth About Horses, Andrew McLean (2003)

You Love Horses.

But everyone has their own method of riding and training. Which way is best?

Everyone has a tale of a badly behaved horse. Using the science of horse behaviour to resolve the confusion of horse and rider together, I restore the pleasure that horse riding should bring you.


How to Enjoy Horses More:


Decide if you need lessons or training or both


Visit and watch a lesson or training session (optional)




Enjoy riding horses!

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So many people are scared of horses. You don’t need to be, too.

So many people are confused about why they aren’t progressing. You can progress again. 

I offer training that explains why horses do what they do and how to train them to be more predictable, so you can enjoy horses.



Don’t just follow someone else’s method that you don’t understand.

Be a confident authority on horses, proven as they listen to you.

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Happy Clients

I want to thank you for teaching my children horsemanship. Not only are they really enjoying themselves, but they are learning so much and are really excited to be learning so much. I appreciate also the way in which you are teaching them.


I have ridden at many different barns, but when we moved I had to find a new stable. Clairety Horsemanship taught me how to prepare and control my horse so I gained much confidence and very much enjoyed the instructor. My experience has been amazing! Best barn and best instructor. Definitely check it out if … Continue reading Ellie L.

Ellie L.

We couldn’t find affordable lessons in or around the city. My daughter really wanted to learn, but cost was a big deterrent for us, which was discouraging for our daughter. Clairety was a perfect fit for us in every way. Instead of feeling like her dream was out of reach, she was able to focus … Continue reading Julia B.

Julia B.