When Claire met our horses, they were bored and disinterested, with poor manners.  They didn’t always follow directions, were easily confused, tricky to catch, and avoided halters or bits. This behaviour made it difficult to justify keeping the horses.
Through the training, I gained confidence and skills to manage defiance and avoidance. All four horses received training tailored to them for successful haltering, leading, groundwork and riding. Our horses became more intimate and interested in us and can follow our directions now. When we are outside, they are there along their fence, ready to visit.
I have learned so much about variable horse moods and communication. We have Arabian blood in our small herd and it sure is obvious at times, but I am better now at reading the bursts of energy and mood shifts and working with the changes. My very basic skills were expanded so quickly. I continue to learn as Claire expanded my understanding so I can observe our horses’ reactions and communication styles. The herd comes easily to me now and can be settled if there is excitement.
You will enjoy your horses so much more after Claire develops both of your skills and communication systems. Your horses will be happier and more focused.
― Marion K.