We couldn’t find affordable lessons in or around the city. My daughter really wanted to learn, but cost was a big deterrent for us, which was discouraging for our daughter. Clairety was a perfect fit for us in every way. Instead of feeling like her dream was out of reach, she was able to focus on learning the skills presented in the lessons. She felt welcomed and challenged at the same time. Our daughter thinks she wants to be a farmer when she grows up, so “I have to learn how to ride and take care of horses if I’m going to have a farm!” were her words when we pulled up for her first lesson. She was always very talkative the day or two after her lessons about what they entailed and what she was learning or had experienced. Claire is a knowledgeable, patient instructor. The experience of the students is beyond what to do when sitting on a horse, as it involves the life skills of hard work and the care of these large animals as well. It was very easy to find the location and was not too far out of the city. These lessons make horseback riding accessible to the everyday person. All around a very good investment, but not a huge stretch financially.

― Julia B.