Horseback riding teaches:

• Teamwork
• Behavioural and biological sciences
• Leadership and collaboration skills
• Responsibility
• Confidence
• Stress reduction
• Physical education
• Animal handling skills
• Animal health

Besides these benefits, I will encourage you to ride different horses which will boost your confidence, and to try English and Western so you have a solid base to progress and specialize from.

When, Where, What, and How Much

The next session will be in June 2019. That’s because I’m taking a break to finish studying—so I can come back and teach you everything I just learned! Contact me if you want me to let you know when registration is open.

Your investment in group horsemanship lessons will be $50 per person for each two hour lesson. After the first lesson, which will focus on safety and basic horse handling skills, the first half hour of each lesson will be devoted to catching and preparing the horse, and learning safety and theoretical horse knowledge. The middle hour will involve focused instruction in riding and handling skills, and the last half hour of each lesson will teach how to take care of the horse after use.

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