Wait! Why do you offer training one session at a time? No one does that!

Well, using the principles of equitation science, I can zero in on the problem and the cause very quickly and begin producing correct behaviour. Two weeks is a typical amount of time to create significant progress towards resolution.

Then I want to help you learn what I taught the horse so you can follow up and consolidate the new behaviour. You can have my help through lessons or an extra week of training if you like. But I’m confident I can train your horse and explain it to you in a way that both of you understand.

Why is your training so expensive?

I’m glad you asked. I believe you will get so much out of a week of training that it will be worth a whole month of training that you could get elsewhere. That’s what I found when I discovered equitation science. It’s worth it. Ask any of my clients!

What’s in it for me?

You will be able to enjoy your relationship with your horse. Think of your best human relationship. What is happening when you both say the same thing at once? You understand each other. Relationships must be built on understanding.

So, once you understand how what you are doing with your horse works and why it does, and how all that lines up in his brain, you’ll have that seemingly mind-reading relationship that every horse person longs for.

With that comes:

  • A new authority amongst your friends. Horses listen to you.
  • Improved scores in your sport.
  • Reaching your goals by understanding how to work towards them.
  • A working knowledge of your horse’s brain so when behaviours come up that you don’t like you can fix it yourself.
  • Feeling safer working around a more predictable horse.
  • A horse you can trust.
  • A horse that behaves for you as well as he does for your coach.
  • Moving through problems that used to hold you back.

Like a physiotherapist, my goal is to get you and your horse working smoothly again so you can do the things you enjoy without continually needing my help. I’m here to get you started; you can take this wherever you want to.