Lesson FAQs

What do I need to bring to my lessons?

You will need an ASTM certified riding helmet and boots that have a 1 cm tall heel. The stable has a few helmets to borrow, but prefer if you get your own because they don’t clean the helmets and they may not fit you well. You can use them at your own risk, find a second hand one on Kijiji, or buy a new one (G&E Pharmacy has the best prices). Boots with a heel prevent your foot from getting caught in the saddle’s stirrup. Most rubber boots are suitable, but for the winter try to find winter boots with a heel!

When is payment due for a session of lessons?

Once you hit the register button and tell me what lesson time you would prefer, you will need to send me a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. The remaining balance for the session is due at your first lesson. I can accept eTransfer, cash, or cheque.

Do you teach year-round?

Yes! There is a heated indoor arena for the cold months, and an outdoor arena for nice weather. For parents and siblings, there is a heated viewing room. For the horses’ comfort, and so they don’t get sweaty when we ride in the winter, the arena is only heated to 8 degrees, so please dress in warm layers.

What ages do you teach?

Any students under 8 must be led by an adult or capable older sibling until they show they can control the horse by themselves. There is no age limit for adults!