Horsemanship Investment

Learning horsemanship (or learning to do it better) is filled with advantages. You gain leadership skills, confidence, and the responsibility of caring for another creature.

It can lead to a meaningful career, be a healthy way to relieve stress, or simply a fun physical activity.

That’s why I offer lessons. I teach all aspects of horse care to those new to horses, and advanced skills for training and understanding horses to those who have loved them a long time.

Enjoy the benefits of horseback riding!

Homeschool Group Lessons

  • Six weekly two hour lessons
  • Helmets available
  • Well trained lesson horses
  • Indoor arena for year-round riding

$315 ($50 each+GST)

Private Lesson

  • 30 min of focus on you
  • Lesson horses available
  • Indoor arena for year-round riding
  • Bring your own horse for price reduction


Training Lesson

  • 45 min of focus on your horse
  • Bring your own horse
  • I ride and explain what I do
  • Learn to train your horse


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