You Love Horses.

But everyone has their own method of riding and training. Which way is best?

Everyone has a tale of a badly behaved horse. Through science-based horse training and riding lessons, I teach you to get horses to do what you want them to so you can enjoy riding.

“What if I just don’t have the ability to communicate with a horse? How do I know what to do?” I asked these questions too. Then I stumbled on the answer. I have studied equitation science, which explains why and how horse training methods work. When you understand how your horse learns behaviours, it turns around your relationship with him.

You’ll conquer the myth that some people just have the gifted ability to communicate with horses.

You’ll have the tools to change a horse’s attitude.

You’ll know with certainty when you’re doing the right thing.

You’ll work through those problems and enjoy riding again.

It all starts with a lesson or a week of training.

Then you will start to understand your horse. When you understand him, you can communicate better. And when you communicate better, you enjoy riding more. And when you enjoy something, it is really easy to get really good at it.

Don’t continue getting confused and frustrated. When you are, your horse probably is too! Learn the solution with equitation science today.

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